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Tuesday · February 24 2004

Today is Mardi Gras. I've been down to New Orleans for the celebration twice. I would love to be slurping a 32oz frozen hurricane right now, but I'm not. Hawking beads and going days without sleep feels like a different lifetime.

I can't turn anywhere today without reading a review of Mel Gibson's new movie about the passion of Christ. At first I was excited to see it, but I've changed my mind. I don't think I want to watch an actor undergo horrific torture for 2 hours. I'm sure I could sit through it since I have a strong stomach for watching that sort of thing, but I'm not feeling up to it.

I heard a woman on talk radio yesterday say that she will never eat at Quizno's again because of their new ad campaign. Quizno's is using the ugly, singing creations of to generate a buzz. The lady likes their sandwiches but she's grossed out by the animated monster mice, so she'll never return. People confuse me.

What you had to say:
February 24 2004

I like, but the idea of those mice being anywhere NEAR food I might consume makes my stomach turn over. I agree with her.

February 24 2004

I don't miss camping in a parking lot, cold showers, snoring, disgusting port-o-lets, transients asking for money, filth on the curb, garbage smell at 5am everywhere, loud frat guys, obnoxious bouncers, large warm cans of foster's, inability to get a 'good view', crowded balconies...

I do miss grocery carts in the middle of bourbon, frozen 190's, dancing in sombreros, eating foot-longs at 3am, cat's meow, getting the 'good view', hanging at the dungeon, falling asleep on the steps of the cathedral, drinking cafe au lait, vying for beads, watching parades...

February 25 2004

Excellent wrap-up, Stevie.

There's alot of smelly, tired, hungover people headed home in planes and cars today wondering what in hell they're going to do with all these beads they have on their neck.

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