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Saturday · February 21 2004

New wax job on the left-hand column. A full week's worth of 'Click and See' links are available for more long lasting pleasure. This way I can post more of them without scrolling the previous ones off the page too quickly. I'm using a style for visited links that should make it easy for you to see what you haven't Clicked and Seen. God forbid you should miss out on truck testicles and stupid eBay auctions because you had a busy couple days at work.

Second, I'm using Bloglines to manage the feeds of the sites I visit. Bloglines is good. Bloglines is great. Bloglines almost puts food on my table. Rather than take up space with a list of sites that nobody clicks through anyway and manage the list in multiple places, I put a new item in the top menu named 'Links'. That link points to the list of feeds I read at Bloglines. If you use a different news/feed aggregator, check out Bloglines. If you don't know what an aggregator or RSS is, that's okay too.

It's all about the customer.

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