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Wednesday · February 18 2004

So what have I been doing lately besides watching the first season of The Office three times, seeing as many nominated movies as possible before the end of the month, cutting and gluing tiles, spending more time with both of my parents, playing Baldur's Gate II with Stacy, celebrating Valentine's Day with said wonderful wife (who also plays video games with me in addition to everything else, did I mention that?), following the Democratic primary closely, enjoying the Auto Show, writing here daily (which takes way more time than it does for you to read it), working at my job (with the included 2 hour commute), and getting geared up for baseball season?

Not much. But I certainly wouldn't mind watching The Office a fourth time through. (Btw, I'm blessed and happy to enjoy this much free time. I'll take it while I can as long as we're a child-free household.)

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