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Wednesday · February 18 2004

The stalwart researchers at "How Much is Inside?" are the real heroes of everyday science. I applaud their dedication to precision and prolific output. I don't have the sort of friends who will sit around with me all night and label CDs with a Sharpie until it runs out. You're good people, but I'm just not that lucky.

A standard issue black ink Sharpie will label 968 CDs. That's approximately 1800 feet or 6 football fields for those who can only think of the world in terms of football fields.

If the thought of eating all the filling found in a box of Oreos as one rich ball of trans-fat loaded sugar lard disgusts you, don't look at the Oreo experiment.

Here is the complete archive of How Much is Inside? experiments - a classic home investigation destination.

What you had to say:
February 19 2004

hee hee! If only I had that much time on my hands. Are all scientists so "alternative" and cool looking? discuss.

February 19 2004

They are definitely investigative hipsters. But hilarious. I enjoyed a couple of the others, and they discussed MY latest Mac lipstick color (which I heard is the most popular Mac lipstick in the US), Twig, in the lipstick investigation.

February 19 2004

No, hence the need to create their own cabal of alternative home investigation science.

I want to join. My first project proposal will be "How much is inside a tube gun of tile caulk?"

February 19 2004

Twig- I lost mine many moons ago, very sad.
J- do you think you could just perform the experiment and send it to them with pics and stuff? maybe they would post it! How do you propose to measure the caulk?

February 19 2004

In terms of football fields, of course.

February 19 2004

Further adventures in home investigation science here...

Bacon into soap.

February 20 2004

Hmm. What color is Twig? Browny beige?

February 20 2004

Actually it's more of a "natural" lip tone there is quite a good close-up pic of it on the website...

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