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Tuesday · February 17 2004

If you didn't hear that the Yankees recently acquired Alex Rodriguez, the highest paid star in baseball, you are either (a) on vacation in Guam, (b) totally indifferent and unaware of the sport of baseball or (c) British. George Steinbrenner, owner of the Yanks, has once again taken the lopsided economic foundation of baseball and shown everyone what's possible when you're spending Monopoly money with one goal in mind: winning the game. Despite having All-stars at 8 of 9 starting positions, Jayson Stark finds 10 reasons why the Yankees might not win it all. How'd you like to be a guy in Dallas who just bought season tickets for the Texas Rangers waiting for UPS to deliver your promotional signed A-Rod jersey? Caveat Emptor.

Speaking of tickets, I almost choked while looking at the Cubs pricing schedule. Last year, they created a 3-tier scheme. About 80% of the games were Regular, the cold weekday games of April were Value, and the weekend games for the White Sox, Cardinals, and Yankees were Prime. The prices of each category are relatively unchanged from last year, but now all but 5 games in June, July, and August are Prime. That's $36 a seat for upper deck box at a summer night game vs. Milwaukee! If I'm incorrectly remembering the pricing from last season, let me know, but I don't remember ever paying $35 for bleachers on a thursday afternoon. In fact, I know I haven't.

As a result, I won't be buying as many unclaimed extra tickets like I usually do. I don't want to eat leftovers and I'm not going to expect anyone to pony up a higher buck for tickets they didn't request. So if you usually hit a game or two with Stace and I over the summer, let me know now that you want me to pick up extras that you're responsible for and I'll do my best on Feb. 27. Otherwise, I'll be buying pairs only.

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February 17 2004

LOL - that is a great article. What position is A-Rod playing? First?

Looking at Cubs ticket prices (ouch), there are only 5 value priced games the whole season. Day games in April during the week. Probably won't be going to as many games this year. :(

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