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Sunday · February 15 2004

Creepy old-timey (genuine) valentines:

The entire, brilliant collection located here at iconomy.

What you had to say:
February 16 2004

What would my fiancee say?

I am proud to report that I recived three valentines this year, four if you count my mom's card. Roses from one, Frango mints in a heart-shaped box from another, and an assortment of Aveda hair and skin products from Ollie, my faux-nephew two-year old. Amazingly good taste that Oliver has!!!

I have to comment on the side bar: Of course front-wheel is less fun than rear-wheel, but what is going to get me more safely around town in the snow, my old RWD Miata or my new FWD Protege?


February 16 2004

My dad is a RWD fanatic and even he curses RWD in the snow. No question FWD is safer. I found the article interesting because he brought up points I didn't really know about like front/rear balance and turning center of gravity.

I'm pretty dumb about cars, but going to the auto show has gotten me all excited and wanting to learn more. I liked the Acura TSX and the Mazda 6 at the show.

February 16 2004

Agreed, the article was quite interesting.

When I can afford two cars, I'll buy the BMW RWD.

The Mazda 6 got scathing ratings for safety last year, hopefully they are better this year? And I guess they stopped making the Protege but the Mazda 3 is strikingly similar... Hmm....

February 16 2004

He has the BMW RWD; the 5 series wagon, actually. Very fun to drive, but again, a nightmare when it's slick with snow and ice.

I hadn't checked into any of the safety stuff yet, but the Mazda 6 looks hot. For a couple thousand more, though, I think I'd go for the Acura TSX. Way better resale value and the interior is a definite upgrade.

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