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Thursday · February 12 2004

I just bought a couple tickets online for Ted Leo & the Pharmacists playing March 23. The show was originally billed at Empty Bottle, but they've moved it to the Logan Square Auditorium. Several other Empty Bottle shows were also relocated including The Wrens on March 12 for which I'll be out of town.

I've never been inside the Logan Square Auditorium. I wonder if more of the "name" Empty Bottle shows will be moved over there.

Other upcoming shows I'm interested in:
Mountain Goats - 2/28
Enon (opening for Pinback) - 4/17
Deerhoof/Head of Femur - 4/28

If you're more into the singer/songwriter thing, Carrie Newcomer is playing at Schuba's Feb 21st, a week from saturday. We've seen her before and she is very talented.

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What you had to say:
February 14 2004

I dunno if you like'em but Death Cab for Cutie is coming to Vic 4/15 and 4/16

February 14 2004

Yeah, I do. That show should be an especially good one for a few hipster bingos.

March 30 2004

Having attended the Wrens and Ted Leo shows, I can vouch for the excellence of the Logan Square Auditorium. The sound isn't ideal (what theatre in Chicago has really good acoustics?), but the room itself is wonderful, especially for we lame old non-smokers, as the high ceilings let the smoke dissipate. Both shows were well-attended without the sardine-y feeling I get at Metro, Double Door and Empty Bottle.

March 30 2004

We also appreciated the better air quality, but the acoustics are worse than the Aragon, and that's saying alot. I will never go to another show at Logan Square Auditorium. Pack me into the Empty Bottle with heavy smokers, if necessary, because I paid my dollar to hear the music.

We were at Schuba's last night and I think they have fine sound. I have no issues with The Vic, either. Double Door is fair, but I think their shows are consistently way too loud and the crowd usually sucks. The booking quality is also alot lower at Double Door, imo.

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