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Thursday · February 12 2004

The Chicago Passion will be a charter member of the new Lingerie Football League.

Each team will consist of 13 models led by a celebrity quarterback and captain. The teams will square off in a single-elimination playoff game in January 2005. Los Angeles will take on Dallas and Chicago will take on New York.
The Passion will join the Los Angeles Dream, New York Euphoria and Dallas Desire as founding clubs.The celebrity captains ought to be Mike Ditka, Rafael Palmeiro, Bob Dole, and that guy who throws the football through the tire.

All Chicagoans should welcome this announcement. The Passion is our best chance to get a team into the Super Bowl in the next 5 years.

What you had to say:
February 12 2004

I thought *Ditka* was the guy who threw the ball through the tire.

(I'm going to post this on Gapers' Block.)

February 13 2004

"Fumbling with the Bra" -- excellent headline, Andrew.

I think there might be two different footballs through the tire ads. There's the "you gotta love that" one with DaCoach and then another with an anonymous late 40s/early 50s guy tossing it through the tire before hugging his wife.

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