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Wednesday · February 11 2004

Before groutingAfter grouting

These two images illustrate how different a mosaic project looks before and after grouting. From a distance, the pre-grout image looks pretty good, but up close, it was full of glue and looked unfinished. I chose a brown grout to blend with the red and brown tiles, but it came out darker than I expected, similar in tone to wet beach sand. One of my classmates suggested that running a few Christmas lights inside the vase would look great with the translucent colored tiles and I might try that out.

If you're interested in doing mosaics, Roz at Lill Street is a very helpful, laid back instructor. Our class was small and everyone received individual help (Roz saved the bottom base of this vase). I'm still undecided on taking the next session, but I'm definitely planning on cranking out more pieces this summer.

What you had to say:
February 11 2004

This looks so great!

February 11 2004

I'm so impressed Jay-
your creative side is shining!!

February 11 2004

Thanks, I had alot of fun working on it. I'm trying to think of more ideas for pieces to tile. The round vessels are fairly challenging; I might try a flat panel surface next.

February 11 2004

This is so cool. Your vases look like something one might buy from a vendor in one of those difficult to get to far off places. You buy it for a dollar and when you get back to the states, you sell it for $200. Are you thinking "case mod" for your next feat? Hey, it's just an idea. You are very talented.

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