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Tuesday · February 10 2004

David Brent is the boss from hell on the BBC comedy series The Office. My cable company doesn't carry BBC America, so I wasn't able to see any of the episodes until Mark recently lent me the first season DVD. Watching the events on The Office is like watching a painful accident that also happens to be extremely funny. Some people can't take too much of it in a row, but I never have a problem keeping my eyes on a good train wreck in action.

David Brent is a sad little man and his bites of office wisdom are hilarious.

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What you had to say:
February 10 2004

That's weird -- my co-workers and I were just discussing that show about ten minutes ago!

February 13 2004

I'm lucky enough to get BBC America (which i should with the amount of stations we get, and the price of $50/month). And i was lucky enough to catch most of the 1st season of The Office. However, I've missed most of the 2nd season, and am hoping a saturday marathon is scheduled for programming soon.

The show is hilarious. And mostly because it's not canned humor from good-looking types, but rather regular people that everyone can relate to. Not to mention the inherent foolishness of office dynamics.

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