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Monday · February 09 2004

In Fog of War, Robert McNamara said, "If you don't like the question asked of you, answer the question you wish they'd asked." See GW Bush/Tim Russert interview sunday morning on Meet the Press.

Stepping off a school bus in Lawndale holding my complimentary cup of Starbucks, I was more than a little self-conscious. Kamari didn't care; he gave me a hug for my effort. Together, we learned about Willie Mays.

The French guy at Kopi who was laughing and armwrestling with his girlfriend bugged me. I felt like the sober guy arriving at the party around 1am. Maybe it was because he kept looking around to make sure I knew how funny and French he was.

Fountains of Wayne were nominated in the Grammy's Best New Artist category. -- huh? The Grammys. -- huh?

I waved back at the people who were pointing fingers at Stacy as she took shots of the motel signs. They craned their necks trying to see what we saw. Next time, I'll bring a second camera to catch them.

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February 09 2004

New Artist? This was their third album + a couple of soundtracks. It amazes me how irrelevant the Grammy's are. This ranks right up there with Jethro Tull winning a grammy for best heavy metal album. While the Oscars are not totally free of the influence of sales, they at least have some legitimacy. For instance, City of God and Lost in Translation are interesting nominations. I don't know what kind of games get played by studios to get movies picked, but i guess the people playing them are more tuned into "art" or something?

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