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Friday · February 06 2004

Friday to-do list:

  1. Sign up for the pizza party
  2. Figure out how they missed the obvious Beverly Hillbillies reference
  3. Find a wedding gift for Tori Spelling

What do you think? The butterfly box? Or the $160 rollerball pen?

What you had to say:
February 06 2004

That pizza party is seriously the best idea EVER.
Shee-it. That's actually a good idea just for my birthday! Everybody's been asking me what i wanna do...

February 06 2004

I know, I'd so be at that pizza party.

"And you should, too. Pizza Party U.S.A. is just what America needs in this era of rampant partisanship, of wanton incivility, of neighbor not meeting neighbor because they are too busy watching Treasure Planet on DVD."

February 06 2004

do we get pizza party even when it falls on the weekend?

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