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Thursday · February 05 2004

American Splendor
School of Rock
Capturing the Friedmans

Archived: Watch » February 2004
What you had to say:
February 05 2004

Of those, I've seen only Monster.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Happy almost weekend!!!

February 06 2004

Have you read any of Harvey Pekar's comics? It's probably best to read at least one of them before you see "American Splendor." I could loan you some if you come all the way down here.

February 09 2004

I highly recommend School of Rock. Anyone who ever played in a rock band should see this. I wish I had a teacher like Jack Black to teach me real rock moves, facial contortions and costuming techniques. I could've been huge!

I think I need to see this one again, or something like it. The last 2 movies I've seen were Monster and Big Fish. I need something light.

February 09 2004

I've seen Monster and Capturing the Friedmans since I posted this. Definitely need something light (ala School of Rock) as an interlude here.

And, yes Jay, you could have been huge. You should have never given up on your rock and roll fantasy.

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