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Tuesday · February 03 2004

The first result

For a first piece, I couldn't be more pleased. I spent the night grouting and polishing the clay pot. Monday night, I glued the glass onto the vase which I'll grout next week. I'll remember to bring the camera to class so that I can show before and after grouting snapshots.

I was planning on working on the table I have at home, but after talking with Roz, our instructor, I may sign up again and work on the table at the studio over the 5 weeks. The magnitude of mess involved is large.

What you had to say:
February 04 2004

Looks great. Wanna tile my bathroom?

February 04 2004

Wanna buy me a trip to Jamaica?

February 04 2004

What a beautiful flower pot. There is a lucky orchid that gets to live in it when it dries. :)

February 04 2004

Jay I am so impressed! that looks great- maybe I could be added to your list of people to make things for?? help a little sister out!!

February 05 2004

This is so awesome! Shoot!

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