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Tuesday · February 03 2004

Has anyone seen The Office? Would I like it? I've never seen an episode.

I quit on The Apprentice because I realized that I didn't like any of the contestants nor Trump and his cronies. The first Joe Millionaire had Paul, the campy butler, to remind me this was all in fun. Trump takes his little experiment too seriously.

Speaking of business experiments, can we please have a reality spin off of Trading Places (that's the 1980s Eddie Murphy/Dan Akroyd social switcheroo movie not to be confused with chipmunk Paige Davis' suburban home switcheroo show, Trading Spaces)? If the contestants were non-consensual, all the better.

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What you had to say:
February 03 2004

YES! I have only seen the 1st 2 episodes but they were highly amusing. very dark.

February 03 2004

It's sooo funny you will definitely dig it. I'll borrow you my copy!

February 03 2004

Omg, Mark speaks! I should always check with you before buying any DVDs. You have everything.

February 07 2004

We watched 4 episodes of "The Office" at Dan's last night. I sorta chuckled at the first while I figured out what was going on and got familiar with their accent. By the 2nd episode, I was laughing out loud in disbelief how anyone could be as annoying a manager as David Brent.

Very funny show. I can't wait to see more.

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