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Monday · February 02 2004

Yeah, if anyone finds the really interesting commercials I was supposed to see last night, gimme a holler. Half of the game was unbearably boring, but the last 2 minutes of the first half and the last 6 or 7 minutes at the end were better than average Super Bowl competition.

I couldn't concentrate a whole lot on the game at the end because I was too entertained by my dad's rooting for his pool numbers. He had NE-2/CAR-9 and when the game was NE 29 - Car 22 with serveral minutes to go, he said, "I'm in the catbird's seat now. Carolina is gonna score a touchdown and the Patriots will get a field goal. Just watch." And they did. And my dad did the Dance of Joy with Takota, his golden retriever. They waltzed around the living room while dad cheered about his first football pool win ever. He's retiring in 4 weeks. That alone would make me do the Dance of Joy.

My friends really should spend more time at my family functions. Never know what you're gonna see.

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