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Monday · February 02 2004

"With iTunes I don't feel guilty when I download music -- Apple and the record companies handle the screw job for me"

If I could highlight one thought on that whole page, it would be: "If you see some indy music you like on iTunes, go to the band's website and buy the CD there. Better for you, better for them."

I use iTunes as an audio player at home because it integrates with my Slimp3 players and the playlist sharing is handy. Period. I refuse to believe that 99 cents is a fair price for one song that has handcuffs (DRM) attached to it. I still use the now-crippled eMusic because 65 tracks (~4 albums) for 15 bucks is reasonable and I can do what I want with the downloaded mp3s. eMusic plus bought CDs (for stuff I really like) and downloaded bootlegs and live shows provide me with more music than I can get through.

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