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Friday · January 30 2004

Where have I been? All but four states to go and just a tiny part of the world.

World66 is an open content travel site. It's like a wiki, anyone can edit the travel info.

Make your own world and state maps here.

Thanks for the link, Alexis.

What you had to say:
January 30 2004

I didn't realize I still have 13 states to go. That is very strange. The south is where my travels are notably "green."

January 30 2004

Post the URL to your map.

January 30 2004

Ohhh, that was fun. I have only been to 4% of countries. I need to travel more!

Here is my country map (you can't really see all of my little islands):

Here is my US map:

January 30 2004

I only have 4 states to go, too!

January 30 2004

Stace, send this to your Aunt Judy. I want to see her world picture.

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