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Thursday · January 29 2004

The more I read about John Kerry, the more disturbing a Kerry/Bush choice in November becomes.

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January 29 2004

Blech indeed. DO you think Dean is a better choice? Not in terms of "electability", but as far as integrity and political platform are concerned?

January 29 2004

I'm having a hard time distilling what Dean is really all about by just reading on the web. Many people who support Dean are rabid animals who write about him with fanaticism.

It's also difficult to find fair coverage of Dean because everything is so focused on his internet supporters, his crazy speech, and above all, the likelihood that Bush would (and yeah he would) obliterate Dean in a general election.

What scares me about Dean is that if he runs against Bush, he might not just lose, but he might lose so badly that the GOP would utterly dominate Congress and then pack the courts.

I'm very interested to see if Edwards can get some traction going in South Carolina. I'm inclined to his style, but he has his flaws as well.

January 29 2004

I don't know what's scarier - the fact that one of these guys will be our only option to beat Bush, or that Bush got elected in the first place. I mean COME ON.

January 29 2004

The tidbit you linked to is worse than most of the shenanigans of which politicians are guilty. Kerry is a career politician, and this is what you get when you have someone who has spent a life trying to please everyone. It probably has something to do with so few Senators ever being nominated, much less elected.

With that said, I still think even he COULD beat Bush. While Dean may not be electable, he defined the fight for the nomination by being angry. It is about f@#%ing time democrats got angry. In Kerry's case it just means it is a particularly applied veneer.

Here's my prescription for beating Bush, regardless of who the candidate is:

1. Focus on middle and low income voters and HARP on the fact that Republican policies benefit special interests and not low and middle income voters. This extends from the environment, economy, medicare, social security, etc.

2. Redefine the “Family Values” issue in favor of the democrats. Lack of government oversight and unchecked capitalism creates usury and immorality – see Enron, the Iraq War was about oil access not terrorism, increase in insurance fraud, increase in tax evasion, etc. Also, the bible, and specifically Jesus, asks us to give regard to our neighbor and community. Adequate healthcare, good education and a true meritocracy are moral imperatives, not just government stealing.

3. Pick a candidate that has bravery not just empty bravado. Exploit it. People in Texas have said that GWB is “all hat and no cattle”, and it is true. Look at the aircraft carrier landing and the “bring it on” comment. All from a guy who was basically a draft dodger. This with Edwards may be a stretch - he is a nice boy.

January 29 2004

I guess what attracts me to Dean is that he is so passionate and has really gotten people involved and interested in the political process. Particularly young people-who i think for the most part feel disenfranchised by the political system. Well, if you don't have any money, the system won't be helping you out. That's why the 2 party system suks and always, always has. If you haven't read the Mcullough bio on Adams- it's all in there. Barring revolution- I vote for Dan!

January 29 2004

I fear for whoever is nominated by the Dems. The GOP has something like $130 million packed away ready for attack advertising.

I'm trying to keep Iowa and N.H in perspective. Clinton didn't win either one in 1992 and the states delegate count are comparitively small. They usually serve as early elimination rounds. The picture should be much clearer in a couple weeks.

(For what it's worth, Dan's comment was the 1000th comment posted on this here weblog)

January 29 2004

If young people feel disenfranchised by the political system, I think it's their own fault. I'm definitely not a political activist, but I know that many young voters are the backbones of campaigns.

I've went door to door collecting signatures and passing out stickers. It's not fun, but it's how you get people involved.

Everyone worries alot about national politics, but local and state politics are probably more important in how they affect people's lives. In Chicago, we have a one party system - the Daley party and nobody is paying any attention to the US Senate seat up for grabs in Illinois. There has to be at least a dozen people in the Senate race and I doubt many people could name more than one.

January 29 2004

Umm. there's that guy that has that commercial...

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