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Wednesday · January 28 2004

I've been taking a mosaic tiling class at the relocated Lill Street Gallery in Ravenswood. The class is only five weeks long, because the technique is straightforward compared to wheelthrowing (which I'm miserable at) or metalworking. I wanted to learn the basics of cutting, surfaces, and grouting and five weeks is perfect. The crappy re-stained table we have in our back room has a recessed lip and a flat surface screaming to be glued, tiled, and grouted. Transforming that table was my main motivation to learn mosaics, but I've found another benefit.

I had another difficult day. I drove home with my stomach in a knot and I spent a half hour on the phone with Stace talking through what went wrong again. After stopping at the art store to pick up glazed red glass and Pier 1 for a cheapo 5 dollar vase, I changed clothes and headed to class. My first flowerpot project was almost done and I needed a new base object and tile material to start the next.

Getting lost and into this detailed creative work changes everything. I don't know if I like tiling for what it is so much as I like that I can do it. I'm not frustrated because I don't care if my piece is perfect; I just want to make. I'm not imitating his song or drawing her body and messing it up. I like picking out tile colors, designing the pattern, cutting, and seeing the image come together a sliver at a time.

The flowerpot and the vase are entertaining craft projects, but I see more than that. I'm dealing with the underlying issue. The desire to work and create and not just consume and be distracted. I'm gluing the pieces together and when I'm finished I'll show you.

What you had to say:
January 28 2004

I have to admit: though my job often makes me miserable, my saving grace is that the work is so creative. I don't think I'd make it through a full day if I couldn't turn around and sketch on paper, paint on ceramic, design on screen. The creative outlet can be a very powerful thing! (Also, I can't wait to see your table when it's done!)

January 28 2004

so exciting jay!!
I'm looking forward to seeing possibly a picture by Stacy of your work- considering it will be quite a long time before I'll be able to see anything firsthand!!
Had a great time seeing you and Stacy this weekend- can't wait until Steamboat!!

January 28 2004

Sounds like fun. Maybe I should think about it. So many of my creative endeavors get squashed because of my quest for perfection in everything I do. It sounds like you've dodged that here. Right on.

January 28 2004

I promise pictures. I'm dying to see how these turn out.

Tori, the perfection thing is the key for me. I hate sucking at things. Setting my guitar aside is the best example I can give of that. But two weekends ago, I restrung the guitar and didn't care how it all came out.

January 28 2004

Yeah, the perfection thing. Partly explains why I don't get creative outside the office.

Okay, I wanna take a mosaic class.

January 29 2004

I don't know how creative dance is (at least taking jazz class), but it really does the trick for me.

Tori, are you no longer drawing?

January 29 2004

I don't think an activity has to involve creativity to do the trick. Anything that you look forward to, promotes self-confidence, and you enjoy is a good thing.

I enjoy adult classes because they are social and filled with other people who are interested in the same thing. For me, they are an end unto themselves, not just a way to learn how to do something better on my own.

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