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Tuesday · January 27 2004

Don't be Jack(ass)I haven't been on the Clark-22 bus recently, so I'm missing the new civility announcements the CTA has programmed into the automated voice system on buses. Aside from announcing the street names, the recorded male voice now requests additional politeness from riders.

"Please be considerate and give up your seat for elderly passengers, expectant mothers and customers with disabilities." "Please exit through the rear door so everyone's commute is faster." "Please keep your personal belongings off the seat next to you so other customers may sit down." "Customers with backpacks, please remove them so they do not bump other customers." "Please be considerate while talking on your phone so as not to disturb other customers."

Didn't people's mothers tell them how to act while riding the bus?

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Archived: Around town » January 2004
What you had to say:
January 27 2004

How very cool.

January 27 2004

I guess mom didn't do that great a job, since the CTA felt the need to spend $15,000 (or 15-something anyway) on recording those things. Or so I half-remember being reported on WGN news last nite...

January 27 2004

How about equipping all cars with a voice that politely reminds...
"Please don't drive like such a jag."
"Speeding past in the shoulder lane might get you shot by an angry motorist."
"God made turn signals for a reason."
"Will letting that guy in really slow you down that much?"

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