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Wednesday · January 21 2004

Tuesday Tunes at largeheartedboy features two songs by The Flaming Lips written for the Okie Noodling soundtrack. Okie Noodling is a PBS documentary about men (and women? I'm not sure) who angle for large fish using only their bare hands as bait.

Hand Fishing - aka Noodling, Grabbling, and Hogging is only legal in 4 U.S. States: Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi. Noodling is the lost art of using your hands as bait to catch fish. There is nothing quite like the thrill catching a 60 pound catfish with your bare hands, and that's just what this group of Oklahoma fisherman have been doing for hundreds of years. Follow them as they take you to the depths of Oklahoma searching for these giant prehistoric catfish.

"The Southern Oklahoma Cosmic Trigger Contest" has a 3 minute intro by Wayne Coyne on what he first thought "noodling" was. Using your hands and all.

"Noodling Theme" reminds me of something R.E.M. would have released on Out of Time.

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