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Wednesday · January 21 2004

This is the part where I post a few links because I'm feeling shitty. Not even the Korean xylophone girl could get a smile out of me.

Drum Machine (Flash and sound required)

Scary sweater girl

3 year old Korean xylophone prodigy

Diary of a London call girl

Mini-pig FAQ

What you had to say:
January 21 2004

May I ask what's up? Why the bad day?

January 21 2004

I didn't know if I was catching something. Head and stomach hurt and felt really tired the last couple days. I'll probably be fine, but I don't like writing when I feel crummy.

January 21 2004

hey, hope you feel better. your site makes me happy when there's new stuff. It's a GREAT break when I'm bored with THE LAW. even if i don't leave a comment, i'm looking.

have you heard about this new craze to feel better and de-toxify? It's called green tea. Isn't that weird? i thought that there was only black and herbal. But yeah, you can buy it online from ASIA, but i think it may be at groceries in the next couple of years or so. I wish i knew what company to invest in, but mark my words: green tea will be all the rage.

-Steve '01.

January 21 2004

Rotter, how much you wanna bet you keep reading Belle de Jour - diary of a London call girl?

I thought so.

January 22 2004

Hope you are feeling better. I hate being sick.

January 22 2004

Thanks, Tori. I'm feeling much better. Felt alot of malaise the last 2 or 3 days. I wasn't so much sick as uncomfortable. Male period, perhaps. heh.

January 22 2004

Is that a good book?

January 22 2004

No, it's the link up above.

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