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Wednesday · January 21 2004

I might be the only person still watching The Apprentice, but here goes. Third verse, same as the first. And the second.

Recap previous week. Wake up. Answer phone. Trump directs. Show women. Show men. Omarosa is a bitch. Sam is a comic headcase. What's the job? Pick leader. Split up. Talk on cell phone. Yell into cell phone. Obscenity. Bleeping Obscenity. Hang up cell phone. Ride in cab. Men are confused. Women shake it for the customer. Sex sells, baby, duncha know by now? Ride in cab. Yell into cell phone. Men lose. Women win. Women get ready. Men eat leftovers. Women eat out on Trump's tab. Sam is hauled into the board room.

Only here did the story change. Donald pointed to Sammy and said, "You're fired." I thought Sammy was going to reach across the table, pull on Trump's necktie and scream, "Don't you know who I am? I'm gonna rip that rug off your head and shove it down your esophagus, you rich fcuk! I worship you, Mr. Trump?"

Sammy hit the street and Big Boy Bowie returned to the suite.

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What you had to say:
January 22 2004

I didn't watch the second week or the third week, but I saw the first week on a rerun. I hated Sam as much as anybody else. I saw him on the Today show today and he was way toned down from the Sam on the show, and his GIRLFRIEND OF FIVE YEARS showed up to talk to Katie Couric too.

My question is, did the men lose on the second week too? Did nobody think that pitting men against women was a completely sexist strategy? Come on, doesn't Donald want to keep the babes around longer so he can continue to ogle them? Sheesh.

January 22 2004

I think Donald has the bucks to ogle whoever he wants to ogle if he so chose. He doesn't need to run a TV show to get his share.

I liked Sam. I wouldn't want to work with him, but he kept the mood on the show light and goofy. Omarosa needs to go. Too many of the women are banding together just to hate her and its sorta stale.

There is no bite left in any of the men, so it might be a little interesting to see if they really work well together now that Sammy is gone.

Stacy said that in the week 4 preview, the icy bitch, Carolyn, who is one of Trump's advisors, told the women to stop using the sex crutch. So far the women have acted nothing like women really act in a professional environment.

January 22 2004

Are the women acting like women SHOULD act in a professional environment?

Maybe so. just maybe so.

Kidding aside, it's funny how even the execs have made comments like, "you've put the women's movement back 20 years", and such...yet they keep getting picked to win by those same people.

The preview looked like the men lie to win. Is that so wrong? yes, it is.

February 12 2004

its not sexist, tori, pitting the guys against the girls. and insinuating that the girls have no chance to win by saying "DOESN'T DONALD WANNA KEEP THESE BABES AROUND LONG ENOUGH TO OOGLE THEM", that's being a little sexist yourself, don't you think. and anyway the girls have kicked the guys ass in every mission up until there were so few men left that they had to split up the teams to make it fair. so, do your research a little more before making your comments, darlin.

February 13 2004

Omarosa is holding her own and when you are black and a aint pretty the way others react to you. Unfortunately the corporate world has trained her and she has the attitude. Yes, she talked a little bit too much in the boardroom but if she tones down her bitchy side she has good of a chance as anyone else to win.

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