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Tuesday · January 20 2004

The time is 12:52pm and I've made it this far without the styrofoam cup of office worker's helper.

I read the Trib at Einstein's Bagels with my back to the wall. This way, nobody can sneak behind me and look over my shoulder. Being startled disturbs my whole day.

Will it take having my own child to stop feeling like my parent's child?

Large organizations are content to leave you with what you already have. They construct barriers to impede futher gain without investigation. Inheritance has always been the key to success in such an organization.

While the President is speaking about the issues he always speaks about and avoiding the issues he always avoids, I'll continue mosaic tiling the planter I started last week. It's more fun.

"Under the Hedge" by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists makes me happy.

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January 20 2004

I think it will take both of us having our own child to stop feeling like that!!

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