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Friday · January 16 2004

Who returned for episode 2 of The Apprentice? I did.

The women: Are they going to use sex to win every challenge? I've worked for 5 companies in 9 years and not once have I been in a meeting with a woman wearing a scarf and pilot's hat telling me how hot her presentation was. I know, this is television, not Office Space, and I'm the real audience here. Unless Donald allows the men to grow breasts and wear minis, the suspense of who is going to win this contest is done.

Sammy: Donald wants to fire Sam. Sam has zero chance of winning the presidency of one of Trump's firms. No doubt, producer Mark Burnett is whispering in Trump's ear, "This kid is a character. Viewers will laugh at this clown's antics. Keep him around, because a show full of serious guys like Nick and Bill will put people to sleep." I don't think Sam wants to be an entrepreneur under Donald Trump. I believe he auditioned for this show to get a gig in entertainment. Perhaps he's a struggling actor Burnett brought in for comic relief.

Heidi's makeup: Just stop. Put the eye shadow down slowly and walk away from the mirror.

Jason: Donald axed him. He deserved it. Aside from arrogantly ignoring to meet with the client for the challenge, he can't look the camera or anyone else in the eye for more than 4 seconds. He's the sort of guy your friend introduces you to and he looks away while shaking your hand. You know who you are.

Week 3: Sammy is project manager. He'll be in drag with fishnets and Heidi's eyeliner, because the men have to win one somehow someway.

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What you had to say:
January 16 2004

Honestly, I totally forgot this was on again. Was it an hour and a half this time?

January 16 2004

It was an hour. Most of it wasn't that interesting, but the last 5 minutes with Sammy in the boardroom made the whole show. Stacy wants Trump to fire the guy, but I think he's the reason to watch.

January 16 2004

Yeah, it seems too simple to fire Sam. He'll be one of the last to go. Though I only saw part of the first episode, that is my observation.

February 16 2004

Oh my god. I have never watched this show, but a friend told me that a mutual acquaintance is one of the contestants/cast members: Heidi Bressler. Let me just say this: The eye shadow and rest of the makeup she's wearing in her cast photo/headshot is LESS than she wore to work out at the gym. Trust me, I've seen it up close and way too personal.

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