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Friday · January 16 2004

A mother's son named Will has started the Postcards For Mom project. The project invites you to send his mom a postcard from wherever you are. Mom has no idea her son started this stunt, but she's happily receiving loads of random postcards from people she's never met.

Sounds a bit like Amelie to me. I hope mom is entertained when she gets my postcard.

Beside postcards, Will also has a featured item each month to send mom. Bottle caps for January and business cards next month.

What you had to say:
January 17 2004

A friend of mine started doing this to a friend of his (someone I hadn't met at the time when it was started) several years ago.

The difference was that every person sent a postcard that said the same thing, and didn't sign it. So he has all these postcards from all over the place, with the same message in different handwriting. Pretty funny.

January 17 2004

hey that's a good idea... maybe we can do that one of the months...

thanks for the unsolicited plug, and send something to mom. Just don't tell her I told you to hahahha

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