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Thursday · January 15 2004

The industrious gents behind examined 3000 unique and valid URLs. Overlaying these 3000 pages on top of one another and summarizing the results yielded the following...

The colour of the World Wide Web is: #9C9C9C (rgb: 156,156,156). There is no dominant hue in the Web.

In every three pages one JavaScript error will be encountered while loading web pages.

10.5 % of the web pages contains popup/under windows.

455 cookies were delivered in Konqueror's cookie jar while loading the 3000 pages.

2.37 % percent of the web pages uses frame redirection.

The Web is gray, alerts you of errors you can't control, spawns more windows without asking, and secretly leaves garbage in its wake.

What you had to say:
January 15 2004

That's a lot of JavaScript errors!

January 16 2004

Guitar chords, recipes and sites like this. Only three things I've been able to come up with that make the www worth anything at all.

January 16 2004

Guitar chords were the very first thing I found useful on the Internet in 1994. OLGA was the best.

I don't think of my site (and others like it) as useful, but I hope it's entertaining. If I manage to distract everyone who reads for 5 or 10 minutes, I'm doing alright. heh.

There's lots of useful sites, imo. Amazon, online banking, ebay, etc. It's all about content and function.

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