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Tuesday · January 13 2004

I started A Short History of Nearly Everything last night, because the best thing to do when you're slogging through a 900 page beast of footnotes and circumreferences is pick up a 560 page brick explaining the origin and composition of the universe. I have to hand it to Bill Bryson, author of Short History. In the first 10 pages, he's already bent my mind in half illustrating just how large the universe is and how lucky we are to even exist. It's both cosmic and religious to think about. I mean that in the most sober way possible. Learning that 98% of all matter that would ever exist came into being within the first minute of the creation of the universe is a big deal.

Couple this with our visit to the Einstein exhibit at the Field Museum and all the recent photos of Mars and I'm feeling like a speck. Because I am.

Workweeks don't compare to a 13.7 billion year old universe.

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