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Tuesday · January 13 2004

I laugh at the aging, bumbling program directors at WXRT. "Hey Ya" by Outkast finished 5th in their annual Listener's Poll. The XRT web site's latest poll asks: "The 5th best song in the 2003 Listener Poll, should XRT play Outkast?" No, don't play the biggest crossover single in years, a song your listeners enjoy. Give them another weekend morning of Teri Hemmert and the Beatles, more John Hiatt, and please, oh please, don't take away their Robert Cray.

I don't listen to XRT anymore and I can listen to "Hey Ya" for the 894th time anytime I choose. That's not the point. The point is that this radio station is frozen in time and place, circa 1990 in Adult Alternative Contemporary Corporate Land and there is no hope for them.

Remember the WXRT t-shirts from the early 90s? "If you don't like the rules, change them" was a popular silkscreened motto. Ha.

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January 13 2004

I'm with you on this one. I am growing to hate that station. I really can't handle any more Dave Matthews ripoffs (can we say John Mayer, Five for Fighting or Cold Play anyone?) from their contemporary collection and I really can't stand any of those XRT staple bands either. Let's face it, Talking Heads, Violent Femmes, The Rembrandts, The BoDeans and Bonnie Raitt all had their moments, but for God sakes, has their programming staff looked at a calendar lately? It's 2004!

For a station that, at one time, used to be almost too cool for themselves, they have gone absolutely nowhere since. Personally, the only edge they have over a station like The Mix (which I loooooooathe) is "Going to the Show With a Regular Guy" and the absence of those 2 geeks Eric & Kathy. Otherwise, they're pretty close.

January 13 2004

Don't forget Sound Opinions with Kot and DeRogatis. Tuesdays at 10pm, a solid XRT feature.

I occasionally tune to Eric and Kathy in the mornings, because there's nothing on worth listening to at 8am. I normally tune away quickly. I like to get some news in the morning, but WBEZ-95.1 only runs features on indigent Iraqis. I'm sympathetic, but there *is* news outside of the Middle East.

I want a radio version of "Chicago Tonight". Then I could get my healthy fix of Chicago focused news without looking at Phil Ponce's hair helmet.

January 13 2004

How low has WXRT sunk? I often put on the oldies station (104.3) because i am more likely to be surprised by its programming than by XRT's.

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