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Monday · January 12 2004

Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis host Sound Opinions on Channel 11, 10:30 pm sunday nights. They claim to be the world's ONLY rock and roll talkshow. Greg and Jim reviewed a few albums (Joe Strummer's posthumous release and Iggy Pop's latest) and Greg threw out a few local bands to check into. They know the current scene, rock history, and they aren't arrogant about it. Rare traits for a pair of rock critics.

Their discussion segment piqued my interest: Is Justin Timberlake cool? He has appeared on stage recently with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and, according to the hosts, he is stepping into the king of pop shoes vacated by Michael Jackson. I was definitely napping on the day when Justin Timberlake hit the radar of the jaded indie set. I'm not interested if he's hot or not or a talentless chia-pet. I just want to know: Is he cool?

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January 12 2004

JT is very talented. He's not fluff pop like people expect him to be. And I'm not just talking about having a great voice, either. His sound is very new, very forward-thinking -- a fusion of hip hop, pop, motown, latin, dance, rap, r&b, rock. we want to put him in a fluff category because he was in a boy band and because he's on pull-out posters of teeny bopper magazines, but I'm telling you, JT is taking pop to a new level. He's pop for the 21st century. I truly believe that.

January 12 2004

YoYo Ma is talented. But that doesn't make him cool.

January 12 2004

Oh yeah. I forgot what your original question was. Yes, JT is cool.

January 12 2004

I agree with moj 100%...he's not fluff pop, and he's apparently got a good collaborative personality, because he works with all kinds of people, in all genres. It's amazing, actually.

And he's young and stuff, good dancer, etc. "Justified" is a great album; polished, fun, fast,'s great.

January 12 2004

He's very cool.
My sister saw him on SNL one night and instantly fell in love with him. Surprisingly mature and sophisticated in his approach.
And cool.
And cute.


January 13 2004

I've not yet made up my mind on this. I would like to note, however, that I've still not heard a guy say, "yeah, Justin Timberlake. He's cool."

So far, only women. Here and on TV.

January 13 2004

Yeah, JT. He is cool.

Oh wait...JT? I thought you meant James Taylor. Nevermind.

Well, Justin did it with Britney. THAT's cool.

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