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Friday · January 09 2004

I crumbled. The opening sell of The Apprentice hooked me into watching for the whole 90 minutes. The show's premise is Survivor in EntrepreneurLand as judged by Donald Trump. 16 high strung, business types compete for The Donald's praise and right to work as a president in one of his companies for a year.

The first challenge split them into 2 teams of 8 (men vs. woman, how surprising) to compete at selling lemonade in Manhattan. No MBA required, who is going to sell more lemonade to strangers? 8 guys in suits or 8 attractive women in high heels and blouses? The women set the price of a cup at $5 and had no problem moving product with a kiss. I told Stace the women didn't even need a product; they could have stood at the corner of 53rd and 9th and sold kisses for $5.

Because the men lost, Donald took them to the woodshed, also known as "the boardroom" on this show. He had to fire one of their group, and David, the no-sales talent, MBA & MD degreed genius was shown the door. David quipped on his cab ride home, "I take solace in the fact I have a higher IQ than those 15 people. And we've proven that IQ has absolutely no correlation with lemonade sales." David, you also proved that acting like an arrogant prig with few social skills has a high correlation to getting fired. Nobody is worried about you, you have your MBA and MD to fall back on.

If you don't find the wannabe apprentices interesting, there's always Donald Trump's hairdo; that's interesting.

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What you had to say:
January 09 2004

Hilarious that: 1. I watched part of the show and thought to myself, "wonder if jason is watching this...if so, I'm sure I'll see some commentary". and 2. That Michelle also mentioned his haircut, but more to the tune of: "If he can spend all that money on 'the best apartment', can't he spend a little on fixing up his hair?"

I thought most of those guys were goofballs, including davey who apparently likes to crawl and babble. Maverick? more like a moron. No, I wouldn't trust ANY of them with my bank account.

One other quick comment: Could there have been any more corporate-babble filler-talk?

January 09 2004

Yup, I got sucked in too. As irritating as it was, I was glued to the entire 90 minutes. I felt like I was at work again. Hey, maybe we should all get together for an episode and drink every time they use corporate babble. You know, "I have a lot on my plate," "We need to be more proactive," "Let's touch base tomorrow," "I'm not sure if I'll have the bandwidth to help you with your project." I cringe so violently every time I hear those.

January 09 2004

Hairdo is, in fact, more interesting than the show, which was a BIG PIECE OF CRAP.

January 09 2004

Akin to being the tallest midget, this show is the most entertaining of the reality TV I've suffered through. Nobody eats rats, has to marry someone else, or fooling 30 women that they have 80 million dollars.

Best of all, it isn't The Real World: Chicago, the worst show I've ever seen.

January 09 2004

I watched about half of it. I did think the men were idiots if they thought they were going to be able to just sell $1 lemonade and beat sex. I think they should have sold $20 lemonade on the premise that you might be on primetime TV if you buy a cup.

Then i realized i wanted to be on the show.

Then i had to turn the TV off.

January 09 2004

Steve, Jason and I had almost the exact same conversation regarding Donald's hair. Next week, we can play corporate-babble filler-talk bingo!

January 09 2004

I'm honestly surprised so many of us watched this show. I figured nobody would respond to this and you'd wonder what the hell I was talking about. Was this because it was on after Friends? Some other ad hype? I had no idea the show existed before it came on. Stacy always watches Friends on thursday and I didn't move fast enough away from the TV at 7:30.

January 12 2004

I kept waiting for some other quality Thursday night NBC program to come on, but it never did. This is the thing with reality shows: they take FOREVER and you never know when they'll end.

January 12 2004

Lacey, that's exactly why I stopped watching them. When I'm expected as a viewer to sit through a one hour "recap" episode and they're selling it as something new, I feel ripped off.

My TV has 4 uses:
1) Sports
2) DVDs
3) XBox
4) The 15 minutes of Sportscenter I watch while falling asleep

I try every now and then to watch something new as a one off, but I don't watch anything week after week anymore. "24" burned me out last year.

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