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Wednesday · January 07 2004

I don't usually go to the doctor unless I really need to. Some friends of mine run off for antibiotics at the first sign of sickness. I've changed jobs and insurance enough times that I've been without a regular doctor for at least 15 years. I get lazy about going for small things because picking a random doc off a website doesn't feel proper, but that's my only option today.

I've had a splitting headache for about 3 days that won't go away. If I bend over, the pressure to my head is unbearable. Looking at the monitor all day isn't helping. Time to grow up and get rid of whatever is in my head this week. Sinus-related, I'm sure.

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January 07 2004


And, have you seen this website? I always use it to decide if I should go see a doc - I am usually too quick to go, so this helps me not waste all that money that's not mine.

January 07 2004

Thanks for that link. I answered the questions and my sinus infection guess was confirmed. I am going this afternoon to Dr. Randomly Picked M.D.

January 07 2004

If you have Cigna, I love Dr. Rosencrantz in Evanston...she's awesome. She works at the Hospital on Austin st....St. Francis maybe? Check her out.

January 07 2004

I chose a doctor close to my work for ease of appointment making. That's part of the dilemma when you work far from your house. Choose near work or near home?

Unfortunately, an Evanston doctor wouldn't be all that close to either.

January 07 2004

For a regular doctor, you could always see Dr. Jim Nee, unless you don't like the thought of someday getting a prostate exam from a high school aquaintance. On the plus side he is really close to us (Broadway & Waveland). Lisa and I have used an ear nose throat guy named Dr. Wolff. He has a number of locations to see him. He took my tonsils out about 8 years ago, and took a polaroid with me and my tonsils on a plate next to me. I was stoned out of my mind.

January 07 2004

With the weather getting drier, your body may just be dehydrated. Are you drinking enough water? Studies show dehydration is the most common cause of headaches. (go Mojan, go Mojan... let me hear you say yeaaaah...)

January 07 2004

I've been drinking alot of water at work daily. I regularly get the dehydrated/low blood sugar headaches. I know what those feel like. This one is something totally different.

I got me some Zithromax from the doc. Prescription drugs cost WAYYY too much money. It's absolutely stupid how badly pharma companies are robbing this company. R&D my ass.

True, I could see Dr. Jim. That's a good idea. I'll see if he's in my network for next time.

January 10 2004

Okay, Jason - guess what? *I've* had a splitting headache now for four days. And my friend Marlene just informed me that it's a sinus headache! Apparently when the temperature drops, so does the humidity, and that dries out our sinuses (one reason people buy humidifiers). She suggested taking hot baths with the door closed (steam = good) or cooking over a boiling pot on a stove.

January 10 2004

That's exactly why I tend to get headaches whenever I visit Colorado - dehydration. If you have really intense pressure when you bend over and your head is upside down, it may be an infection (from what I understand). I have one day to go with the antibiotics. I felt better by the next day of taking them.

Hope your head clears up, Mojan.

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