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Tuesday · January 06 2004

belleville.jpgWe met up with Kelly tonight to see The Triplets of Belleville. The French animated feature is the story of a boy infatuated with bicycles, his train-hating dog, Bruno, and his grandmother, Madame Souza, who is the definition of determination. He dreams of winning the Tour de France and grandma trains him day and night. When his big race unexpectedly detours to Belleville across the ocean, grandma and Bruno must come to his rescue. And then they meet the Triplets of Belleville.

The movie is fantastic magic with eye-popping caricatures and a story that turns when it pleases on its own time signature. I loved it; so fun to watch. The Belleville sisters' theme song is stuck in my head.

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January 06 2004

I just got back from seeing Les Triplettes myself, with my friend Natasha from the PDC.

I enjoyed it. . . found it simultaneously overly visually stimulating, childishly entertaining, downright hilarious (loved the ships), and also quite disturbing at times (mmmm... frogs .... and "creative" spare tires . . . .).

I also loved the theme song, but can't quite remember it right now. Kind of a funky soundtrack.

January 07 2004

What did you think of "Destino", the Salvador Dali short animation that played beforehand? 80 minutes of something like that would have been tough for me. 10 minutes was just fine.

Triplets was dark in some parts, but then grandma would show up, whistling and clicking along. I liked her character alot.

January 07 2004

Grandma was great. I had her whistling in my head as I walked down the hall of my hotel this morning. The son (Champion?) was freaky looking though. Not just his body, but his little face. A mug only she could love, I guess...

I struggled with the last three or four minutes of Destino (I bet you thought I'd say otherwise?). It was scarily Disney despite the Dali. And not overly entertaining. Though I could feel the lovers'/potential lovers'/man and woman's angst.

January 07 2004

No idea what you'd think of it. To me, Destino was weird to be weird. Triplets was weird to be entertaining.

Yes, Champion was freaky looking. Those dark circles around his eyes did the trick.

January 07 2004

where is it playing? i have been dying to see it since i heard a piece on the music on NPR. Apparantly it was partly done with vaccum cleaners

January 07 2004

Don't give that part away! hehe.

I think it's playing in Evanston and the Century on Diversey. I think those are the only 2 in the area.

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