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Tuesday · January 06 2004

ESPN columnist, Jayson Stark voted for Paul Molitor and Dennis Eckersley, who both made the cut for this year's Baseball Hall of Fame class. He also voted for Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson, both of whom did not.

Sandberg: This man went from 49 percent of the vote last year to 61 percent this year, so he'll probably get in some day. But why should it be this hard? Sandberg started nine All-Star Games (more than any middle infielder in history except Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith). He owns the highest fielding percentage of any second baseman since 1900 (.989). And from 1982-92, he led all second basemen in average, homers, RBI, runs, extra-base hits, OPS, fielding percentage and 500-assist seasons. So what didn't he do? Get elected mayor?
Ryno will get his plaque someday soon. No question in my mind he deserves to. I would love to see Dawson get the votes, but I suspect he'll always fall a little short. His quiet manner and years in Montreal don't help his case, but he was an incredible all-around player who enjoyed some very popular years at Wrigley.
Dawson: We suspect Andre Dawson might have set a record -- by attracting exactly 50 percent of the vote two elections in a row. But that tells you just how split our esteemed electorate is on his candidacy. And we don't get why. He, Mike Schmidt and Dale Murphy were the preeminent National League players in the 1980s. In that time, Dawson won one MVP award and finished second twice. He was a rookie of the year. He won eight Gold Gloves. And anyone who spent as many years as he did in the who's-the-best-player-in-baseball debate deserves a plaque. Doesn't he? Oh, well. Maybe he and Sandberg can go in together, for the ultimate Cubs daily double.
Maybe next year.

What you had to say:
January 06 2004

Wonder if Ronny will ever get in. His number is on the flagpole anyway. :)

January 06 2004

Santo's fate is in the hands of the guys in the Hall (the veteran's comittee), not the writers anymore. You only get so many years on the regular ballot and then the writers no longer vote on you.

At this point, I doubt Ronny will get elected to the Hall, but I know he's happy with his flag in Wrigley.

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