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Tuesday · January 06 2004

Rock show encores suck. Let's bury them right next to musical theatre curtain calls. I'm embarrassed for acts who march back onto the stage to feeble response.

I don't clap for encores. One, you'll do it for me. Two, the band's decision to return has nothing to do with the amount of applause. Three, very few bands deserve praise for their live act. Only The Flaming Lips and Polyphonic Spree of the dozen or so acts I saw this year did anything special with the live medium. Even those two are gimmicky, but it's more entertaining than watching 4 guys in jeans have band practice on a stage for 90 minutes.

Most bands play a close version of their recordings and that's that. That's fine. Play your set and go; I paid my money, and you delivered what I paid for. Let's not fool each other and think that we really need to see more of your average live act.

Stace and I saw Tom Petty at the Vic in April. He had the right idea. Start of the show, he announces, "I'm gonna play two long sets. We'll have plenty of music." And he did. Two hour plus sets, no encore, no disappointment, no embarrassing calls for tunes he left out of the set.

Smaller acts don't presume the encore. If you go to see your friend's band, they're happy you came and stayed through their set. Unlikely they're going to push it further.

Whether you like encores or not, the article gets one thing correct. It's all Springsteen's fault.

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What you had to say:
January 07 2004

I am not a big fan of encores either, unless the crowd *really* goes crazy after you're done. Then play something off the cuff, or by request.

Planned encores, like the one we're doing this Saturday (you're been warned) are not as cool to me. Although given the nature of this show, and the crowd we might get, it's reasonable that the response will be loud. But planning your encore in advance is just not as cool. To me.

January 07 2004

Just say "no" to planned encores.

I did forget another show I clapped for an encore: The Darkness. But hell, they only have 10 songs and they hadn't played "Love on the Rocks with No Ice" yet. Might as well hoot for them to come back out and play it.

January 08 2004

What I really hate is when the band comes out for the encore and ends up doing a reeeally slooow song.

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