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Monday · January 05 2004

I wished the end would never come. Living life to the fullest is easier when you're not spending 8 hours at work and an hour each way commuting. If youth is wasted on the young, retirement is wasted on the elderly. I can't escape fate, but I can pretend it's not happening and write about the weekend.

Something's Gotta Give is a better movie than I expected. Writers cannot invent new romantic comedy plots, because, all RCs are the same. Introduction, mutual antipathy or unrequited attraction, romantic realization, complex misunderstanding, joyful resolution. However, romantic comedy writers/producers do have two tools to make their film better than Three's Company level refuse: dialogue and actors. Something's Gotta Give shines at both of these. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson play themselves perfectly and the script doesn't let them down. It's When Harry Met Sally 30 years later. I have a very low cheez tolerance for romantic comedies and, except for Keanu Reeves' role and the usual predictable ending, this one worked for me.

Also saw this weekend:
Pirates of the Carribean - Johnny Depp was incredible, Kiera in a corset can't hurt, and I'm a sucker for costume flicks
Mighty Aphrodite - dopey and clever at the same time
Bowling for Columbine - Finally. Yes, I loved it despite Michael Moore's smarm. Fear is the answer to the question.
Miller's Crossing - Now I understand where Fargo came from. I need to watch this again.

Stace and I made a huge crock of "Kickin Chicken Soup" (Trib's recipe name, not mine) which you oughta try. Not real chicken stock, yada, yada, but I felt prouder than opening up cans of Campbell's. Hot and spicy chicken soup.

We drove through 2 and a half hours of dense fog to Galena, IL and stayed friday night. Putzed around in the stores, ate big steaks, took pictures, couldn't see the Mississippi through the fog even while standing on the river bank, met farmers from Decatur, drove back home.

I found my new addiction in Xbox Live. With all the console computing power available today, I played...Tetris...against and chatted with 3 kids I've never met while sitting on my sofa. If I was aware of online gaming during college, I am convinced I would have failed out with incompletes. Mark, Kristin, and Brad will all be online soon, so it's not going to get any easier for me. Tetris online is fun, because who is going to shit-talk Tetris skillz? It's a pretty lame game to play on a machine as powerful as an Xbox, but Tetris never gets old.

I watched/listened to the Flaming Lips' DVD in 5.1 Dolby Digital. What does that mean? Instead of the standard 2 channel stereo mix that virtually all music is distributed in, the Yoshimi album is remixed here in 5 separate channels. The instruments sound as if they're moving to different parts of the room and the whole effect is hypnotic combined with the colorful dots on the screen. They've also included a number of videos as extras, notably "Are You a Hypnotist?" and a version of "Yoshimi" I hadn't seen before. Come over and listen/watch.

What you had to say:
January 05 2004

sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!
I too did- danielle's visiting this weekend- traveled to Orange County- did the whole Hollywood/LA thing with them...
off work for tomorrow and Wed- going to travel on up to San Fran
i'll call you tonight some time!

January 05 2004

Kristin, when will you be in San Fran? I arrive tonight, leave Thursday afternoon.
Jason, I notice you kindly skipped describing the football game yesterday - ack!
And, thanks for posting the Godshow link. It's a really good show, if you have a free Wednesday evening, go see it!

January 05 2004

What's to describe? The Broncs looked about as bad as a team can look and embarrassed themselves. I watched the Green Bay-Seattle game. That was an exciting game worth seeing.

January 05 2004

Exactly. Sigh. Glad I didn't make the trip up there through the snow with my stomach ache to not watch that game.

On another note, I feel dumb but what is this "fully automated blogging clone" of yours? I can't figure it out.

January 05 2004

it's still up in the air but we would probably leave tomorrow morning and head back Wednesday late afternoon...
if you're around- let's get together for dinner tomorrow night
email me your cell

it's not 100% we're goint- depends what my visitors are up to!

January 05 2004

Kris - bad idea to post your cell # here. Use email. I removed it for you.

January 05 2004

ph thanks jay- i don't even think sometimes- i forget everyone has access to this site!!

January 05 2004

is there any way to bring the flaming lips to the neck book club?? That sounds awesome.

January 05 2004

If Sarah's home has a DVD player and a 5.1 surround setup, I'll bring it. I'm not being audio snooty or anything, but without the surround setup, it's not the same thing at all.

Or maybe I'll just have a mini Flaming Lips in surround sound gathering sometime real soon. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

January 06 2004

Speaking of the Seattle - Green Bay game: I hate it when I give 6.5 points and the game goes into overtime. Green Bay wins by 6 and does not need to kick that extra pointer, which I need to kick my parlay into "win". Should have taken Seattle. Then I'd be saying: I love the fact that in overtime, if a team scores a TD, they don't kick the extra pointer. I got 6.5, and won by .5

January 06 2004

can you send me that recipe for the soup? i need some of that out here.

January 06 2004

I've always thought of the 6.5 spread as pretty dicey for just that reason.

I'll type that recipe up, too.

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