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Monday · January 05 2004

Tori asked what the 'Fully automated blogging clone' is. I apologize for never explaining. Go here and you'll understand. The brilliant minds behind created an automated weblogging service as a joke/experiment. You sign up, check a few boxes of your interests, fill in some names of friends and you have your own blog that you never have to update!

It posts new stories by itself, links to other blogging bots and provides a scary warning system for you. If you start sounding like an automated bot, it's probably time to give up.

The first thing you have to accept when keeping a weblog is that it is a ridiculously silly and narcissistic thing to do. My automated blogging clone reminds me of that. I strive to be better than my clone.

Just don't hold me to anything posted there, because it wasn't me who did the posting.

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