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Monday · January 05 2004

Pete Rose bet on baseball. O.J. killed Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Bill Clinton had "sexual relations with that woman."

Disgraced, selfish men lying to our faces. We love it. We must.

In other news that makes me want to destroy my television...

Fox is debuting My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee this week.

Brittany jumped the shark and got married under the influence. Now she's having the marriage annulled. A radio caller this morning noted that Brittany has taken over Cher's spot on the white trash throne. Check.

Tom Ridge ought to have his own reality program, Fear Knows No Borders.

If CNN asked the poll question: "We've landed the rover on Mars. What should the U.S. do with our new planet?", how many Americans would answer honestly?

The Bowl Championship Series failed miserably. LSU and USC split the national championship. I have to wait another 12 months to hear sports commentators blame the computers and not the people who programmed the formulas for this debacle. The computers aren't sentient yet, guys.

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