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Wednesday · December 31 2003

I doubt we're heading into the fray this evening. I have a head cold and I couldn't consume $75 worth of anything unless they promise a cherry Halls and Kleenex buffet. I also don't want to sit home and watch Dick Clark, but a bar is definitely out. Anyone have plans in between the sofa/VCR combo and a wad of cash for cocktail weiners and beer in a plastic cup? My slate is blank and I don't think I'll be trekking to Crobar to listen to DJs Frique, Mixin' Marc and Jordan Caine.

What you had to say:
December 31 2003

so sorry. John is a big poo and i'm gonna be lucky if i can even keep him up till midnight! i hope you feel better! Happy New Year!
here is another exclamation point!

December 31 2003

I'm having a small gathering here to play poker and other such games - we are starting late, though - 10 PM. I figured it'd be too tame for you rockers so didn't tell you about it yet. ;)
Let me know! I'd love to see you guys!

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