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Tuesday · December 30 2003

The Create a Meal flash app measures the malnutrition in McDonald's food. Take a typical breakfast such as a Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit, 3 Hotcakes with syrup and margarine, a large Coke with a Hot Caramel Sundae and a packet of Cesar dressing and croutons. That's 72 grams of fat, 296 grams of carbs and 1950 calories. Croutons will kill you.

I cut my fast food consumption in 2003 by about 95%. I haven't been to a McD's in over 6 months and it's been 6 and a half years since my last Taco Bell. Feels good.

(link via J-Walk)

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What you had to say:
December 30 2003

i haven't been back to mcd's since i learned about the beef flavoring in the fires. (I was addicted to them for YEARS) even tho they have a lot more veggie options now, i'll never be back. They lied to me!

December 30 2003

i mean fries. i don't care about beef in the fires.

December 30 2003

Yeep! Calories!!

You know, since moving to Chicago, I haven't had a need to eat fast food at all. I enjoy fries or whatever every now and then, but there are so many other more interesting, even more convenient solutions (such as burrito joints, Huey's Hot Dogs, etc).

December 30 2003

I too have ceased to consider McDonald's as an eating option. It's interesting you wrote about this today- I was just walking up Clark and noticed this awful stench in the air. That's when I realized I was walking by a McDonalds. Sometimes I get in trouble with friends tho, as McD's does really register in my brain as "food" anymore.

December 30 2003

You make me proud, Jason.

December 31 2003

Don't get too proud. I eat any bacon or snack chips within arm's reach.

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