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Monday · December 29 2003

My Amazon wishlist is thin and bare. I'm 100.5% sure the online wishlist is the best thing for the Commercial Christmas Celebration since the credit card. Don't call me until April 13. That's my estimated completion date for the books, movies, and games I have waiting at home to entertain me through no less than 184 hours of spare time.

As solid as my haul of toys was, I like giving more than getting. My credit card ran a marathon through the registers, because I can't control myself when it comes to finding "something small" for one more person. I went with Stace and Martha (her mom) to the after Christmas sales in Colorado Springs. We all really ought to move the CCC back a few days and save a collective 30%.
I read Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World (the next bookclub selection) over the break. Wow. Um, wow, again. I tend to read alot of non-fiction or historical fiction, because many of the straight up fiction books I've bought or borrowed are too artsy, girly, derivative, macho, boring, or just plain unreadable. I absolutely loved this book and will certainly read more by Murakami. The main theme deals with the mind's relationship to itself and the delivery is original and wacko. Read this book. (Yes, wacko is the best word I can come up with.)

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