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Saturday · December 27 2003

I've relaxed through and enjoyed the Christmas week in Colorado Springs. We skiied, ate, shopped, ate, quietly read, played a ton of Xbox with Brad, and then ate some more. I am thankful my holidays are free of the chaos and sickness I knew as a kid. I can slow down now; read a book, listen to the music, enjoy both families that I love.

I'm aware of the significance of my quiet schedule here this week. When I set boredom and anxiety aside, rambling online serves much less purpose. I don't feel the need. Connecting personally in real life beats writing here every time. In the past, I've created surrogates (online gaming, weblogging) for the missing connections and lost friends, but they measure short.

I assumed I was a grown up because I'm married and I own a condo. On the outside that could be true, but inside, I'm barely there and finding that 'you' and 'we' give better mileage than 'I' and 'me'. That's what I relearned this year.

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