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Monday · December 22 2003

I have two problems with the many well designed and interesting new board and card games: (1) I don't own any of them. (2) I know few people who are up for trying new games. I can take care of #1, but #2 is trickier. Defective Yeti's 2003 game guide is a solid list of newcomers, any of which I'd like to try out. If you're a closet board game fan and are up for something new, let me know.

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What you had to say:
December 23 2003

i am far from a closet board game fan, i am an open fanatic. i'm always up for playing a game, it's just hard to get me to stop saying "let's play one more game" (unless it's monopoly). thanks to you i am even a born again scrabble player.

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