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Saturday · December 20 2003

The time is 11:37pm, saturday night. Rather than landing in Colorado Springs at 6:30 and spending a quiet evening at Stacy's mom's place with her brother, we're back at home. United Airlines has serious organizational issues. I am unsurprised United is in the midst of bankruptcy filings. If the entire corporation is run in a manner similar to United Express at terminal 2, the outlook is grim.

We waited 4 hours to board our plane, sat in our seats for another hour, to be finally told that our crew had reached their 16 hour limit and the flight was cancelled. We've been through the hotel voucher, shuttle bus jazz before and I wanted no part of it. I politely asked for some compensation because we didn't want the hotel room. I'd prefer to sleep at home, change clothes, brush the scuz off my teeth in the morning and retry. The manager gave us $100 in transferable vouchers. That covers the cabs with some left over. Not a fair trade for my day, but better than zilch. The vouchers are more mocking than useful as I will have to fly United Abortion again to use them. But anything to get away from other irate travellers making alarmingly unfunny and idle jokes. When stress hits, everyone is a comic. But they're not.

Our rebooked flight leaves at 9:30 am tomorrow morning. They say.

On the way through terminal 2, I passed a sign that made me laugh out loud. Paraphrased, "Isn't it ironic? Chicago is a city that you never want to leave with an airport that can take you anywhere." How about, "Isn't it the truth? Chicago is a city that you never want to leave with an airport that won't let you."

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December 21 2003

Man, how frustrating! Ugh. Well, hope you make it smoothly in the morning and that you have a great holiday.

December 21 2003

I hope you guys are safely in Colorado Springs tonight!

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