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Friday · December 19 2003

The ownership of Harry Carry's restaurant won the "Steve Bartman foul ball" with a high bid of $106,600. Following a period of suggestion taking for the proper execution method, Grant DePorter, a managing partner of the restaurant, will destroy the infamous baseball on February 26, the annual date of the restaurant's toast to Harry Carry.

I suggest Sammy Sosa bring his corked "practice" bat to the Belmont rocks and put the ball to rest 500 feet out into Lake Michigan.

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What you had to say:
December 19 2003

okay, i realize all the horrible karma that surrounds the infamous steve bartman ball and the our beloved cubs, but come on....$106,000.00 for a friggin' ball!!! it's shameful. there are people starving.

December 19 2003

that's right! i said "the our beloved cubs"

December 19 2003

An Honus Wagner baseball card sold for $1.2 million not that long ago. And somebody bought Luis Gonzalez' (had the game winning hit in the WS a couple years ago) used chewing gum for $10,000. Also, don't forget the 2 guys in San Francisco who went to court over the Barry Bonds homerun ball that sold for $450,000 at auction. Of course they spend almost double that in legal fees.

December 22 2003

I've go a great idea on what to do with that ball. Put it up Grant DePorter's ass. Everyone blames the kid for the "Flubs" losing, but what about the error the second baseman made? Or what about all the base runners they left on base?

You'd think that people with that kind of money would have intellegience, but no they are just as stupid as Jerry Springer's guests.

I, for one, will never give Carry's restaurant a penny of my hard earned dollar.

December 22 2003

It was Gonzo, the shortstop, that made the followup error. We've been over all this before and don't need to rehash whose fault it was. The players play the game and are responsible for wins and losses.

Harry Carry's bought the ball as a fun publicity stunt. If they want to spend their money on a baseball or more billboards, what does it matter really? It's all advertising.

February 24 2004

Feed it to a billygoat!

February 25 2004

And a heck of a publicity stunt it is. I didn't even know Harry Carry had a restaurant until today.

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