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Thursday · December 18 2003

Thoughts I had while watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King in the theatre last night.

  • "Wow, that's alot of horsemen.
  • "Does Frodo love Sam? Or does Frodo love Sam?"
  • "My ass is sore. I need a seat cushion."
  • "This battlescene owns the clone battles in Star Wars: Episodes Lame and Lamer."
  • "I want to be a rider of the Roharim!"
  • "That's not Pippin, that's his little Indian body double guy I saw in the Making Of"
  • "I can see the glue on Sam's ear."
  • "What the hell is Gandalf's staff made out of? That's some strong ass wood."
  • "Sam is still lugging around his heavy cooking/camping gear. I would have tossed that shit off the mountain side months ago."
  • "Aragorn is insane for not hooking up with Eowyn. She's a fool for him and she can kick his ass in a swordfight."
  • "I'm glad I hit the head before this started."
  • "Why isn't Frodo crying?"
  • "Did you see the way she chopped off the Nazgul dragon's head? Damn."
  • "This is the most entertaining movie I have ever seen."

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What you had to say:
January 11 2004

i loved it it was wonderful because i love the books its good and long

April 15 2004

I really love this movie.. Know EVERY single detail.. lol.. aaaand.. I'm learning Elvish now. Such a beautiful language!

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