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Wednesday · December 17 2003

I like details and explanations. Of everything. At extended family parties, I would question my mom for an hour afterward on the technical family title for everyone at the party. "Is Lois a second cousin?"..."How is Brian related, would he be a first cousin, twice removed?" Yeah, I was a ceaseless kid, the sort you buy an encyclopedia for and hope the questions slow to a trickle. Today, we'd buy a child a computer and show him the Internet. I might have melted down if I had that sort of access to knowledge as a child. I probably should have spent more time at summer camp.

I now have access to the Internet and am able to answer all the questions for which my mom didn't have the answers...What's a "first cousin, twice removed" mean? And is that what I should call Brian?

Addendum: The one time I did go to summer camp, my sleeping bag was filled with shaving cream and I was hoisted to the dorm rafters by my popular, evil classmates. No surprise I pleaded to my parents to never send me again. I made good with summer camp in college by volunteering for a summer as a counselor. Nobody was suspended from the rafters and the sleeping bags were free of shaving cream.

What you had to say:
December 18 2003

So...what's a monkey's uncle?
And kissing cousins?
What about the Godfather?
Lastly, who's yo' daddy?

Ha, we always used to wonder about the 'once removed' and 'second cousins'. I think my family made stuff up, and to make it easier, everyone was always Aunt or Uncle.

December 18 2003

When I was baptised, my dad picked his boss to be my godfather. Fantastic idea, dad! I hope he got a raise out of it, because I've never met Godfather Ted.

Steve, after beating me again in fantasy football this weekend, I guess I would have to say: you're my daddy, Rotter.

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