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Tuesday · December 09 2003

I listened to Al Gore endorse Howard Dean for the Democratic nomination this morning on the radio. I don't usually comment on politics, but the announcement surprises me. I figured on yawning through the speeches of the sound-alike senators for several more months. I've been waiting to research the candidates until the pack thins and there's less to research. I am America's lazy voter. But I do vote in every election.

Sens. Lieberman, Gephardt, Kerry, and Edwards are hurt by Al's decision, because Gore is an old friend. Joe feels betrayed because he and Al were so close to making it in 2000. Joe and The Senators are Al's high school friends. They were in a band, got high together in the Senate bathroom, and had good times with Bill running the gang for 8 years.

George and his pirate-eyed crony Dick took charge when Bill had to step down and Al didn't get the nod. Joe and The Senators kept the band together, while Al took time off to find himself. He grew a beard and thought about a solo record. He kept in touch with Joe and the guys, but he outgrew the staid Senate antics.

Then Al met Howard Dean, a populist Bush hater with Internet support and a huge mp3 collection of bizaare tunes. Al doesn't agree with everything Howard says, but he admires how he says it - with passion and fire. Howard introduces Al to new music and experimental theatre, buys him an iPod for his birthday. Then Howard shows Al his weblog and Al finally "gets" the Internet thing. He knows that he was a weblog away in 2000. He needed that connection and validation from his supporters to gain confidence and get angry.

Joe is planning a tour with the band and he needs Al's horn for a successful show. Al has been acting distant (not much to say on the phone, cancelled their last lunch date) and hanging around with Dean. "Al, are you in for the road? I dont' want to sound desperate, but we could really use you." How do you tell a high school buddy that you're at a different point in your life now? Getting stoned on friday nights and listening to Zeppelin doesn't have the same pop. "Sorry, Joe. I can't do it. Good luck on the road, but I'm with Dean now."

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December 09 2003

Then Howard shows Al his weblog and Al finally "gets" the Internet thing.

--wait...didn't Al "invent" the Internet? Hee hee.

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