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Friday · December 05 2003

I know that I'm the only person here who watched (or even knew about) the Video Game Awards on SpikeTV last night. I flipped it on mid-show after the Bulls lost a close game to The Answer. I could only make it through 10 minutes of David Spade, so that might not even qualify as watching.

The VGA show was a garish fetish fest of bad metal bands, cheerleaders, and people in Star Wars costumes. GenCon on Viagra. I was disappointed by the production because I love video games despite not fitting their demographic target: 15 year old boys with acne, a hard on, and a troubling case of attention deficit.

All award shows suck for the same reason. They hire distracting sideshows and promote themselves. I want info on the award topic and to know who is considered the best at their craft. I oughta know better. Awards are about industry promotion and advertising. What on TV isn't about industry promotion and advertising?

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December 16 2003

Uhhh, you suck...

December 16 2003

You try so hard with kids these days and they still can't put a complete thought together. Must be the video games.

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